There is a recent increase in the discussion about the maintenance of batteries.  More organizations are now considering the need for battery monitoring system due to:

  • New NERC PRC-005 compliance requirements
  • A continued increase in the thirst for computing power and connectivity that is driving the need for more batteries
  • The resulting new recommendations for battery maintenance and monitoring by standards organizations like IEEE

Although batteries have been around for 200+ years and improved manufacturing processes have enhanced battery reliability, batteries can still be fickle and require maintenance.  Sometimes the maintenance is confirming that the batteries are still holding a charge, while other times the maintenance is much more involved.

Considering a Battery Maintenance Plan?

If your organization is considering new battery maintenance plans to meet compliance needs or to ensure your systems are online when needed, consider the cost to implement the new maintenance and the most effective and reliable method of completing the maintenance.  To help mind your bottom line, stay in compliance and improve operational efficiency, an automated battery monitoring and data management system may be the answer.  By automating the process, the technicians in your organization can focus on other processes that require a person’s creative thinking.

How Much Money Can a Battery Monitoring System Save Me?

A monitor adds a cost, and in a budget conscious industrial society it may be difficult to get a monitoring program approved.  But what if the monitor could actually save your organization money?  A lot of effort can be spent periodically checking the health of the batteries used to ensure systems stay online.  Even without a failure or unplanned maintenance, an automated system likely can pay off the investment in saved labor costs of the maintenance staff.

EnCharge Power Systems has developed a Cost Savings Calculator to provide you a simple method for estimating your battery maintenance costs based on the requirements of NERC PRC-005.  Click here to see if an automated monitoring system can save your organization money while improving the reliability of your systems.

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