Recently, a technician doing routine maintenance at a Northern Indiana communication site placed the site’s battery system on equalize mode. The technician had intended to come back the next day to return the battery to float mode. What transpired after this point is not clear, however, the battery system was not returned to float mode. Did a sudden call from a supervisor or an emergency at home distract the technician?

Fast forward to six months later, a technician travels to the same site for routine maintenance. The technician opens the door and feels the intense heat coming from the batteries. The battery system was still set to equalize. Battery temperatures were over 100 degrees and the entire system was ruined. Fortunately, the site did not start on fire or have an acid leak. Damage was minimal and there was no harm to the technician.

The first technician likely had every intention of returning to correctly reset the system to float mode. Certainly the technician did not purposefully intend to damage the system or put equipment and human lives at risk. But, even the best employees can make mistakes. After all, we are only human. In this instance, the battery system being damaged was the best case scenario as high battery temperatures pose extreme safety hazards.

How Can Facilities Avoid Human Error While Maintaining Operations and Ensuring Safety?

A remote battery monitoring system can quickly detect overheating batteries, battery life span and system faults before there is any threat to efficiency, equipment or human life. A remote monitoring system is able to alert technicians to potential system faults and allows technicians to monitor critical battery systems anytime and from anywhere. With 24/7 monitoring, maintenance can be performed before any damage occurs.

EnCharge EnVision Remote Battery Monitoring

EnCharge chargers and EnCell remote monitors are equipped with EnVision remote monitoring and data management capabilities. EnVision remote monitoring ensures performance of battery systems in a wide variety of environments. The EnVision solution offers:

  • Quick return on investment
  • Ensures the safety of your facility and employees
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Prevents downtime
  • Extends the life of your batteries

From remote cell towers to railway crossing arms, the EnCharge products will keep your battery systems in peak condition. Share your battery story and learn how EnCharge products can help prevent future battery problems and maintain operational efficiency.