New Total Battery System Monitoring Solution for Multi-Source Power Input at Critical Power Expo

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EnCharge Power Systems will exhibit at the 2018 Critical Power Expo at booth #2333 in Novi, Michigan on September 11 to 13. During the show, EnCharge will reveal their new total battery system monitoring solution that allows users to monitor the health of batteries from multiple power sources all in one place and in real-time.

The EnCell™ battery monitors monitor the voltage, current, conductance, and temperature of batteries at the cell, block, or battery level depending on the user’s needs and applications. EnCharge also has a solution for flooded lead-acid batteries with the new EnLyte electrolyte battery monitor. This monitor alerts users when electrolyte levels get low.

If your battery is charged by multiple power sources, the EnPower plug-in solution keeps track of how much of the charge each input is responsible for. This solution works with a variety of inputs including solar, wind, and fuel cells.

With the cloud hosted EnVision™ remote monitoring solution, information about the health of your batteries can be seen in one place, live, from anywhere in the world. The remote monitoring solution also alerts the user immediately to faults via push notifications by text, email, or custom mobile app; predicts battery life; keeps a record of historical data; and more.

Attendees of Critical Power Expo will have first access to more information and collateral about the new total battery system monitoring solution that can help improve efficiency, reduce downtime, and operate your battery systems safely. Stop by booth #2333 to learn more and see what solutions EnCharge can provide for your application.

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