EnCharge Power Systems and McAvoy & Markham have announced an official partnership agreement, adding McAvoy & Markham to EnCharge’s official distributor network in the United States. McAvoy & Markham are sales representatives for the electric utilities market, focused in the North American southwest region. Founded in 1981, their organization supplies components used for measurement, construction, and maintenance of electrical distribution, transmission, and generation.

“McAvoy & Markham have a dedication to providing the highest quality of product to the consumer,” said Director of Channel Development, Kevin Hummel.   “By never taking short-cuts, and only offering the best-of-the-best to customers, they have garnered a reputation of respect and quality across the country.”

“We’re thrilled to be adding so many distributors to our list that share our commitment to quality,” remarked Alan Greene, President of EnCharge Power Systems, “You can’t go wrong when you focus your efforts towards sustainable solutions for your customers, and we’re glad to share that mindset in common with our distributors.”

EnCharge Power Systems offers the first and only Battery Monitoring System (BMS) product line carried by McAvoy & Markham and it adds itself to an esteemed list of products focused on safety, accuracy, and quality. EnCharge’s BMS capabilities will compliment and protect the various DC-powered tools offered by McAvoy & Markham. EnCharge Products include EnCell™ battery monitors, Pro HE battery chargers and EnVision™—a cloud hosted remote battery monitoring service.

To learn more about McAvoy and Markham, please visit their website.