Industries Served

Utilities & Switchgear »

Power disturbances, shutdowns, surges, blackouts and outages are all major concerns of the industry. The continuity and preservation of backup batteries is essential to ensuring consumers power delivery when these major concerns arise. NERC requires utilities to document and implement maintenance programs for all protection systems affecting the reliability of the Bulk Electric System (BES). All Batteries are required to be verified, inspected, monitored and calibrated to meet compliance.

Maintaining the standards established by NERC, EnCharge BMS alleviates potential revenue loss and safety hazards posed by compromised utilities and switchgear applications. EnVision Remote Monitoring provides automated, real time battery monitoring for utilities. By decreasing hours spent needed to meet NERC standards, and eliminating the need for rolling trucks, clients can save money by automating their NERC compliance.

Telecomm & Communications »

Gaps in service have serious implications for telecommunication. Issues with connectivity are a given—as is the need for reliable battery backup power, especially in remote sites.  Without proper monitoring and maintenance, battery failure can result in a loss of communications during an outage.  By working with customers to utilize the best practices and manufacturer-recommended procedures, EnCharge BMS provides automated, real time battery monitoring solutions to secure reserve power infrastructure.

Commercial & Industrial »

Power outages can be disastrous for the C & I industries, causing safety issues and equipment damage. Automating the maintenance of backup power supplies helps to mitigate these issues. Our BMS solutions provide user-defined alarms monitored from a variety of locations, and allow users to track and predict battery maintenance needs proactively. Our products are available for rail, commercial and industrial manufacturing, oil & gas, petrochemical and many others.

Critical Facilities Services »

Data centers, health care facilities and financial institutions all depend on UPS Battery Systems for reliable back-up power. Battery failures are the leading cause of data center downtime. These failures cause significant disruption to operations and safety hazards for health care facilities and financial institutions. This make battery monitoring fundamental to ensure the safety and effectiveness of all mission critical facilities.

Installing an EnCharge Power Systems BMS allows mission critical industries to avoid service gaps by utilizing best practices and manufacturer-recommended procedures for monitoring their standby power. Our customers are provided a completely integrated solution for automated battery monitoring of reserve power infrastructure.

Government & Military »

Government and military critical power applications are extremely diverse and require adherence to the highest standards and codes. Meeting these expectations means an increased level of diligence when it comes to monitoring and tracking battery power. Our battery monitoring systems use predictive maintenance to oversee the health of inventory—taking the guesswork out of battery repair and replacement. EnCharge Power Systems offers reliable and innovative battery monitoring solutions for military and government applications, and EnCharge can ensure the performance of our BMS for US government applications.