EnCharge Power Systems is proudly introducing a new partnership with GHMR, a southern distributor for the utilities industry. This partnership will combine EnCharge’s total battery management solutions products and EnVision™ remote monitoring services with GHMR’s network for distribution, offering services to even more locations.

GHMR specializes in substation, distribution, metering, generation, telecom and marketing for the electrical power utility marketplace. GHMR offers quality products and services across the southern United States and additional territories in Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming.

“They have a proven business philosophy, and work ethic that makes them stand out. They’ve invested heavily in their infrastructure in support of their sales force, making sure that their people are able to meet the needs of utility end users and suppliers across their geography,” said EnCharge’s Director of Channel Development, Kevin Hummel. “Effective dedication is valued by both EnCharge and GHMR. Because of this, we both have seen huge successes in our markets and we’re able to expand”.

“One of the most attractive things about GHMR’s model has to be the accessibility. They make it easy to get in touch with them, and their hand is always on the pulse of the market; they are ready to meet the needs of the utility industry,” affirms Alan Greene, President of EnCharge Power Systems. “Our companies see the long-term needs within the electrical and utility industries and we are excited to partner with them to bring those solutions to the marketplace”.

The addition of GHMR to EnCharge’s distribution network further strengthens EnCharge’s commitment to bringing comprehensive battery management products to mission critical industries. EnCharge’s complete line of products include EnCell™ battery monitors, high-efficiency Pro HE battery chargers, and EnVision™–a cloud hosted remote battery monitoring service.

About GHMR

GHMR was formed in 1980 based in the New Orleans, LA area. GHMR has always had a strong emphasis on business planning and the execution of such resulted in dramatic growth as a sales organization in the utilities industry. As a supplier to a large portion of the southern market, GHMR believes that communication is at the pinnacle of importance when conducting business, and works to streamline efficiencies whenever possible. The company has three offices and operates in fifteen states. To learn more visit GMHR.com