How often do utility substation supervisors and managers see their day devolve into being more about “the administrative” and less about leadership due to lack of time? Pending the distribution grid, substation management can experience time-consuming difficulties determining what personnel is available for the type of maintenance that needs to be done in varied, often widespread, locations. Allocating time-sensitive maintenance tasks also require numerous emails, spreadsheets, phone calls, and work orders. By automating certain building management systems (BMS) like substation battery energy storage systems, utility management could streamline and improve employee productivity, efficiency, and safety while maintaining NERC requirements and saving capital and operating expenditures.

Automating Battery Monitoring

A utility can begin the process of automated battery monitoring by differentiating what tasks are currently being performed manually and what types of battery energy storage information would be most advantageous to automate and receive real-time data.  If utility management had this data at their fingertips and within one, easy to access system, time, resources and cost savings could quickly be realized.

Real-time Data Helps Provide Time and Cost Savings

Automated battery monitoring gives real-time data to personnel that previously might only have been available by rolling a truck on a monthly, tri-monthly or annual bases. Total battery monitoring solution data includes:

  • Voltage
  • Conductance
  • Current
  • Temperature
  • Prediction of battery life
  • And More

An automated system for battery energy storage systems can bring all of the substation data together; allowing utility management to quickly assign and dispatch maintenance crews based on actionable data to reduce timely operational processes and offers a quick return on investment.

EnCharge Power Systems’ total battery monitoring solution can help automate these processes and all personnel to remotely manage their battery energy storage systems from any location. For more information about the solutions EnCharge can provide to help automate your processes, contact us today at