The EnCharge Battery Management System is NERC Compliant and the path to zero downtime for battery monitoring of your critical power systems.

EnCharge is proud to offer EnVision™ Remote Monitoring. EnVision™ is a complete battery management system engineered to ensure the health of your industrial batteries. Our perpetual cloud hosted database gives users secure access to customized dashboards and reports anytime and anywhere. Real-time status of your battery systems are available through web browsers, customized mobile apps, email, text, and push notifications. Tracking battery health with EnVision’s real-time analytics allows users to protect themselves against downtime while maximizing battery life, reducing maintenance costs and improving overall equipment effectiveness.

The EnVision™ Remote Monitoring solution will enhance our line of microprocessor controlled battery chargers. The EnCell™ battery monitors are NERC compliant and measure current and internal resistance. Encharge’s Pro battery chargers and EnCell™ monitors are compatible with EnVision™ allowing users to make pro-active, real-time decisions. Our complete battery management system and remote monitoring solutions are ready for applications in transportation, UPS, switch gear, energy, communications and other mission critical industries.

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Remote Monitoring and Control of DC Power Systems

The EnVisionTM Remote Monitoring solution can save time and money by providing users constant real-time data and control of Lead Acid and NiCad battery systems from anywhere in world. Customized dashboards and reports featuring predictive analytics, historic data and advanced algorithms allow users to estimate future battery life and provide comprehensive information to optimize performance.